Camino de Crestone
An unforgettable interspiritual pilgrimage
Walking into History       The great pilgrimages of the world—in India, Japan, Spain and England—are now joined by the world's first full inter-faith pilgrimage in a little mountain town in southern Colorado.       Amid gorgeous country, a village unique in all the world beckons you to experience a full range of spiritual traditions aspiring to their original inspiration.  It all takes place of over seven remarkable days and 36 miles...a complete package for $800 USD [Registration], a tuition intended to make this sacred journey very possible.       The Camino de Crestone pilgrimage is offered in the spirit of religious unity and diversity.  You will be visiting many spiritual centers in a week-long experience geared to be educational, clarifying, non- dogmatic, and richly thorough—a unique contribution to your spiritual journey. Crestone!         Amid some of Colorado's greatest beauty, the little mountain town of Crestone is a magnet of spiritual presences.  Within walking distance of this small international village are stupas and and zendos, ashrams, a Carmelite monastery, Buddhist retreats and centers for sacred dance and voice, not to mention medicine wheels, sweat lodges and the labyrinth of Chartres in its exact dimensions.        The most sacred mountains in the world to the Hopi and Navajo overlook the the Camino de Crestone and the Great Sand Dunes just to the south.  It is a true place of power. The Need For Pilgrimage       With world events escalating in intensity and significance, the need for human unity rises exponentially. The subtlest longing in the human heart is to belong to life, an urge so primal and universal as to nurture the highest of dreams and yet also be the cause of most conflicts on our planet.  While reaction to 'religion' is understandable, the religious impulse represents the deepest human urge to relate and  know what is most important.       Because humanity's most basic need is inter-religious tolerance, an inter-faith pilgrimage grows in timeliness and importance.  As our global family grows, its religious traditions are being understood in their unity even as their diversity gets more obviously expressed.       Our planet’s authentic 'paths of return' are like wells into a shared aquifer—all drawing the same water.  So, too, with human beings:  The Camino de Crestone is dedicated to your uniqueness and universality—and to the direct experience of your deepest self.       To complete the journey to your own heart will take you into the heart of everyone else.
Seven Unforgettable Days You are invited inward…and outward…in a week-long quest for meaning, for understanding, for direct experience, for freedom and truth.  Such a journey gains authenticity from the dedication of body, mind and spirit to pilgrimage to ashrams, zendos, stupas, retreats, labyrinths, temples, sweat lodges and sanctuaries.
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The Camino de Crestone is offered under the auspices of Sanctuary House, a 501(c)3  copyright ©  Camino de Crestone 2012 & Beyond
A Message from Our Founder
2017 Public Camino Dates *June 3 - 10 / Register by May 1 --cancelled    *September 2 - 9 / Register by Augest 01 Each starts and ends on a Saturday afternoon.       The Camino is a communion with nature, a retreat and a 7-day educational intensive. At each of 16 spiritual centers you will receive teachings and/or presentations. You'll be carrying a pack and walking with 6-13 other pilgrims. When registering, offer an alternative date, if possible, along with your intended date. The Camino Administrator will  email you with updates.
“Life-affirming and life-transforming!” ~Mark N, Columbia, MO
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