Some Relevant Reading Depak Chopra:      How to Know God Paulo Coelho:      The Pilgrimage Neil Douglas-Klotz:      The Sufi Book of Life:            99 Pathways of the Heart for the Modern Dervish Thich Nhat Hanh:      Peace Is Every Step Lex Hixon:      Coming Home:             The Experience of Enlightenment     in Sacred Traditions      Living Buddha Zen      Atom from the Sun of Knowledge Roshi Philip Kapleau:      The Three Pillars of Zen:              Teaching, Practice & Enlightenment Thomas Keating:     The Human Condition     Intimacy with God     Crisis of Faith Rabbi Rami Shapiro:       Open Secrets Rachel Stone:       The Unlikely Pilgrimage of      Harold Frye Wayne Teasdale:       A Monk in the World Gary Zukav:          Dancing Wu Li Masters:                 An Overview of the New Physics Great Videos: With One Voice         (narrated by Peter Coyote) The Power of Myth   by Joseph Campbell     
   Camino Administrator: RODNEY VOLKMAR EMAIL:  rvolkmar(at) PHONE:  H: (719) 937-7689 / C: (719) 588-2190 (Rodney is travelling at this time, please use email and or call William) Camino Founder: WILLIAM HOWELL EMAIL: vishnudatta108(at) PHONE: C: (719)588-5192 FEES:      The one-time fee of $800 is payable in advance by check or online using Paypal and covers all anticipated costs of the Camino de Crestone:      --food, lodging, presentations and events--.         If you need to pay in installments, please contact the Camino Administrator.      There will be a $10 charge per installment and all must be paid in full prior to your Camino walk. REFUND POLICY: Point 1:  Registration Schedule Dates available for groups are ongoing, in terms of availability. A given group walk requires 7 registrants, a maximum of 14 (+plus tenters). Closing dates for participation in a group is Day 1 of any given Camino    walk, though a given group walk will cancel if, two weeks prior to the start    date, the number of registrants for that walk is fewer than 7 persons. Registrants will be notified by the Camino Administrator. Point 2:  Refunds • A group walk canceling due to fewer than 7 registrants = full refund • Withdrawing 45 days from the group start date = full refund • Withdrawing 30 days from the group start date = 75% refund, unless       such withdrawal means canceling the group walk: then 40% refund • Withdrawing within 15 days of the group start date = 50% refund, unless                           such withdrawal means canceling the group walk: then 30% refund • Withdrawing within 7 days of the group start date = 40% refund, unless                   such withdrawal means canceling the group walk: then no refund • No-show = 15% refund, since the group will walk regardless. • All refunds will be credited within 30 days of group-walk cancellation.    
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Camino de Crestone
An unforgettable interspiritual pilgrimage
“This experience has transformed my understanding of how to 'study' religion.” ~Mark N, Columbia, MO