Annie Pace: With over 33 years of experience, Annie is one of the most adept practitioners of traditional Ashtanga Yoga. She received her Advanced B teaching certification from Sri K. Pattabhi Jois in 1995, a rare honor, and she continues to study extensively in India. Annie has a very clear and compassionate teaching style. All levels of practitioners benefit from her ability to distill her decades of yogic studies and experiences in ways appropriate for each individual student. Her skill in working therapeutically with students of compromised health, physicality or other adverse situations is one of her most profound gifts. Annie offers community classes and custom retreat weekends for small groups, as well as private instruction and national/international workshops. An accomplished harmonium player and a singer, Annie has released a CD of devotional chanting, “Ekam,” recorded at Shakti Sharanam with drummer Glenn Bergstrom. Connie Bielecki:  Original co-founder of the Spiritual Life Institute, a community of Carmelite semi-hermits in Crestone's Nada Hermitage. Fr. David Denny: Co-founder of the Desert Foundation in Crestone, a Catholic priest, teacher and lecturer Fr. Eric Haarer: Priest and original co-founder of the Spiritual Life Institute, a community of Carmelite semi-hermits in Crestone's Nada hermitage. Jillian Elzey: Founder of Yoga of the Voice in Crestone, Jillian is a life-long singer/musician and has studied the art of sacred voice around the world John Milton: John P. Milton is a pioneering ecologist, spiritual teacher, meditation master, vision quest leader and shaman who is the founder of Sacred Passage and the Way of Nature.  His vision quest and shamanic work beginning at the age of seven, John has, since the 1950s, guided thousands of people into the wilderness. Over the years, many have sought his teachings on the Clear Light of Source and on spiritual cultivation and meditation in Nature. His has also been widely sought for his Qigong teachings, T'ai Chi Ch'uan training and Sacred Passage programs. He travels the world, sharing this knowledge and experience. Koyo Welsh-roshi:  The Abbot of Crestone Mountain Zen Center’s is a direct disciple of Suzuki Roshi and is Baker-roshi’s Dharma Heir.  He is available for practice instruction year-round. In addition, Koyo-roshi is a professional chef and has developed CMZC’s excellent vegetarian cuisine. Matthew Crowley: Poet, performer and MC, Matthew the Director of Shumei International in Crestone and president of the Crestone Spiritual Alliance, Naomi Lake: Founder and director of Full Circle, Naomi holds a degree in Anthropology, having focused her research on cross-cultural healing. An energy healer in practice for over 35 years, she uses her lifelong capacity to see the aura in order to balance the body, mind and spirit, reducing stress and strengthening the body’s inherent capacity for well-being...which has led to work with Harvard Medical School, the American Holistic Nurses Association and in health clinics in Mexico, England and throughout the USA. Naomi, a deep student of Shamanism, has been asked to be a spiritual guide on tours to Egypt, England, Peru and Mexico to assist others in multi-dimensional awareness. Premanand: Pujari and Chief Gardener at the Haidikhandi Universal Ashram in Crestone. Ram Loti: Director of the Haidikhandi Universal Ashram and past President of the Haidikhandi Babaji Samaj of America Reggie Ray: An American Buddhist academic and teacher, a member of the lineage of Chögyam Trungpa Rinpoche for  40 years, he was a founding faculty member of Naropa University, where he taught from 1974 until 2009, Teacher in Residence at Shambhala Mountain Center from 1996–2004, and co-founder of the Dharma Ocean Foundation, an educational non-profit dedicated to the practice, study and preservation of the teachings of Chögyam Trungpa Rinpoche. As the Spiritual Director of Dharma Ocean Foundation, he oversees the community and teaches meditation programs in Crestone and elsewhere in North America. Rod Hemsell: An educator and author who lived in Auroville and at the Sri Aurobindo Ashram from 1968 to 1983,  he travels widely and speaks about Sri Aurobindo's philosophy around the world, as well as publishing articles and essays.  He gave a lecture and presentation on Savitri and participated in a panel on Auroville at the 1993 Pariliament of the World's Religions in Chicago.  In 1991 he founded the GLOBE Charter School in Colorado Springs in 1995.  Since 1994 he has conducted annual Savitri Immersion workshops at the Sri Aurobindo Learning Center in Crestone. Shahna Lax: Resident Jewish mystic of Crestone, she is an artist, Hebrew scholar and sacred gardener. Signe Ranstrom: Signe Ramstrom’s joy in life is to share the power and mystery Ancient Dance.  She conveys the energy of dance as a creative experience in both her performances and classes. Signe has trained, performed and taught for more than 40 years in San Francisco, Hawaii, Los Angeles, NewYork, Thailand, and currently in Colorado, founder of The Ancient Dance School (       Signe is a mystic, artist/scholar, master dance educator/choreographer. She both performs and teaches of Classical North Indian Temple Dance, Kathak, Middle Eastern Dance, Oriental and Egyptian Folkloric.  She also has a strong background in the martial arts of Tai Chi and Taekwon Do. She has developed a unique Natcha Yoga, blending exquisite dance forms from ancient cultures with modern free-spirited expressions of celebration. Through the alignment of body/mind/soul and integration with music, her performances convey that “mystical moment” for which all dancers strive. Steve Allen Kijun Tenryu Steven Allen, the founding Abbot of Dragon Mountain Temple, began his zen practice with Suzuki-roshi in 1971, was given priest ordination in 1975, and remained at the San Francisco Zen Center until 1984. He began teaching in 1986 and has worked with various zen groups in California, New Mexico, Colorado and South Africa. His primary teachers have been Shunryu Suzuki, Dainin Katagiri, Zentatsu Baker, Zenshin Whalen and Issan Dorsey. Currently his teaching focus is an effort to help bridge the gap between Eastern and Western spiritual thought and practice by using texts both from the traditional Zen Koan system and the Western literary tradition. Suzie Ryan: Original co-founder of the Spiritual Life Institute, a community of Carmelite semmi-hermits in Crestone's Nada hermitage. Tessa Bielecki: Co-founder of the Desert Foundation in Crestone, Tessa—author, teacher and lecturer—has studied and written extensively about St. Teresa of Avila. Wahehe Yuha Maniktelo and Tatanka Ho Waste Win (Chris and Andrea Long): Founders of Singing Stone/Sacred Breath Lodge, they are Sundancers and lead sweat lodges here in Crestone.  Chris, an ordained medicine man, is Cherokee and Choctaw, with a Welsh father. Buffalo Goddess (Andrea Long)  (link) William Howell: Poet, author, retreat master and teacher of meditation, his immersions in the great spirituo-religious traditions of our planet led him to found Sanctuary House in 1992 and the Camino de Crestone in 2012. Zenki Christian Dillo:  The Zendo Leader at Crestone Mountain Zen Center (Dharma Sangha) and a Resident Teacher, Zenki is available for practice instruction year-round.  He teaches seminars in Crestone, Boulder and Crested Butte.  Zoey de Bray: Director of Karma Thegsum Tashe Gomagn (KTTGg, meditation center and the site of a Tibetan Buddhist stupa (architectural rendering of the enlightened qualities of the Buddha) in Crestone.  
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Camino de Crestone
An unforgettable interspiritual pilgrimage