PERSONAL CAMINO: If you are wishing to make a PERSONAL PILGRIMAGE, you are welcome to do so.     Please know that the presentation/event/meditations dimension of the Camino cannot be offered     except to groups of 7-14 participants.     The informative audio-tour aspect is definitely available to every pilgrim.    Those wishing to make a "Personal Camino" need to fill out a registration form, with a tuition payment     of $75 (refunds are available, less 25%), which includes:        • Registry fee          • Pilgrim Passport          • Camino de Crestone Guidebook           • Audio-tour (plus $25 MP3 player deposit, due on arrival and refunded when unit is returned)        • Tent ($25), sleeping bag ($20), and pad can be rented, if needed (plus a refundable $100 deposit)         • Your Pilgrim Passport entitles you to meals at the following prices:           --Breakfasts: $ 8   --Lunches: $ 12    --Dinners $ 15 *Overnight Accommodations:   also see B&B Listings *What of food and water?  You'll need to carry your own when you are not in the town of Crestone. (Items can be purchased in Crestone    at The Elephant Cloud (256-5544) or the Crestone Merchantile Grocery (256-5887) *Restaurants:  The Bliss Cafe (in Crestone) 256-6400 Secret Garden (in Crestone) 256-6100 Shambala Cafe (in Crestone) 937-7911 The Yak 'n' Cracker Cafe (at the east end of the golf course) 256-4700 Desert Sage Restaurant (in the Townhouses/Colorado College complex)  256-4402
WALKING ALONE I met a pilgrim who walked far enough to know he never walked alone. Then it didn't matter if he stopped or continued on.
The Camino de Crestone LLC
Camino de Crestone
An unforgettable interspiritual pilgrimage
“I feel I have spent the week being loaded with thousands of years of tradition.” ~Malina Feder, Crestone, CO