Scholarships:       The Camino de Crestone hopes that everyone who wishes to make this unique pilgrimage can do so. The tuition of $800 for this week-long educational opportunity is as inviting as could be conceived.       It is hoped that there will be three or four scholarships available in this, the inaugural year of the Camino de Crestone.       Please, if you require such financial assistance, do keep checking this site for updates on Scholarship availability and details of application. *THE SANCTUARY HOUSE SCHOLARSHIP for SEMINARIANS This scholarship offers full tuition ($800) for a full-time student in a fully accredited Seminary or School of Divinity.  There is no age limit for applicants.  Requirements are a letter that, along with all necessary information, unites the applicant's spiritual experience with the need for dialogue and exchange among the great traditions of our planet.  A sense of humanity's inter-religious maturation will be helpful, along with the applicant's plans/hopes for post-graduation study and service. *THE SANCTUARY HOUSE SCHOLARSHIP for A FOREIGN COUPLE  To encourage international participation in the Camino de Crestone, this scholarship offers full tuition ($800) for one person in a couple traveling together from anywhere outside the Northern Hemisphere.   Requirements are a letter that, along with all necessary information, speaks to the draw of an interfaith pilgrimage and plans for the future.
EMERGENCE The call...I answered I did not expect to be alone, but it didn’t stop me. I was ready for darkness or light. They both visited, in their peculiar      powers, and when I had been drenched by both, I arose, put on my hiking shoes, and kept moving forward without looking back.
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Camino de Crestone
An unforgettable interspiritual pilgrimage