Pilgrimage Boughs made of sunlight's water, water's air and air's radiance never leave their root. We, passing by, thinking we are getting somewhere and making good time, cannot nod to each and every one or even to each cottonwood, juniper and       cedar. How then can we can we touch all that reaches up and out to us? Walking with our heart and letting feet follow empties all such burdens.
Let's describe your first day's walk:     Rising for a 7 AM silent meditation, you pack your gear for a 15-minute stroll to Cho Ku Rei's restaurant where, over an organic breakfast, you listen to Audio #1 (Food & Spirit).    A short walk brings you to the only open-air cremation site in America, explained in Audio #2 (Harmony at the End of Life). Out the north gate, you hike 20 minutes to Dragon Mountain Temple, where Abbot Kijun Tenryu Steven Allen offers a dharma talk on being a pilgrim.    Lunch is there, and then you walk 3.5 miles into Crestone. Unpack at The Secret Garden, where you will be staying the night. After a fine dinner at the Bliss Cafe, you participate in “Yoga and the Voice” with Jillian.    Lights are out by 9:30. (Your 1st day's Camino de Crestone is followed by 6 more days of equally stimulating and memorable fare.) WEEK’S SCHEDULE:                              The CAMINO de CRESTONE (Starts on a Saturday)   Day 1—Register, catered dinner at the Dragon Mountain Temple             (If you arrive by 3PM, you may meet the pilgrims just finishing their Camino.) Discussion with hermits of The Desert Foundation Day 2—Sunday [4.9 mi]: Dharma Talk & Lunch at Dragon Mountain Temple Presentation at Crestone End-of-Life Project's Open-air Cremation Site Food & Spirit presentation over lunch at (local restraunt or Spritual center) Dinner at Bliss Cafe, followed by Yoga of the Voice with Jillian  Day 3—Monday [7.2 mi]: Breakfast at (local restraunt or Spritual center) Meeting the editor of the Crestone Eagle Presentation at The Way of Nature/Sacred Passage with lunch Meditation, dinner and presentation at Haidikhandi Universal Ashram (HUA) Day 4—Tuesday [2.2 mi]: Meditation/Aarti/Kirtan in HUA temple; then breakfast, seva and Indian lunch Tour, dinner, Zen Q & A at Crestone Mountain Zen Center (CMZC) Day 5—Wednesday [4.0 mi]: Zazen followed by 3-bowl breakfast at CMZC Presentation & Jho Rei at Shumei International Walking meditation & lunch at the KTTG Stupa Labyrinth of Chartres presentation & walk Dinner at Sacred Arts, followed by sacred dance presentation & participation Day 6—Thursday [6.3 mi]: Breakfast at Sacred Arts Sweat lodge & lunch at Home of the Singing Stone Tour, Vespers, dinner at Nada Retreat Sufi Zikr Day 7—Friday [5.0 mi]: Meditation, breakfast, presentation & seva with the Monks & Nunks Lunch & presentation at Sri Aurobindo Learning Center, followed by making art Shamanic journey with Peter May, followed by Cambodian dinner by Nath Education & Spirituality discussion, plus celebration at Crestone Charter School Day 8—Saturday [4.0 mi]: Ashtanga Yoga with Annie Pace at Shakti Sharanam Breakfast at (local restraunt or Spritual center) Lunch at (local restraunt or Spritual center) Wrap-up session at the Dragon Mountain Temple Return home [or stay on for other Crestone area possibilities]
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Camino de Crestone
An unforgettable interspiritual pilgrimage