Create a Camino Walkathon:  Making your Camino a Walkathon Want to make sure that others profit from your Camino de Crestone?  Well, consider turning your Camino into a Camino Walkathon.  Here are the basics: 1) Select one to three sponsors you wish to support—\non-profits whose work you admire. * Contact them about making the 36-miles of your Camino a non-profit benefit. * See if a given contact person can work with you on this project. * Get the non-profit(s) to get the word out to their members and constituents. 2) Create a website bearing the title of your vision:  for example, William's Walkathon Camino.  [Websites are easy to set up these days.] * On your website, include amounts/mile for possible donations—\as in $1/mile. 3) $5/mile, $10/mile, etc. [Online credit-card donation is a big plus.] * Be as specific as possible about the uses of the funds that will be donated. * Email friends with your website link; get them to pass the word. (See example below) 4) Sanctuary House—\non-profit sponsor of the Camino de Crestone—\will gladly serve as your financial adjunct. * Donations by check will be received and, at the end of your Camino, sent on your behalf to the non-profits of your choice. 5) Follow through after your Camino, once all gifts and pledges have been received: * Let your non-profit organizations and all your donors know the results. * Thank everyone and share something of your interfaith journey.       The possibility of a Camino Walkathon now exists, in which the personal gains received by  you making the Camino de Crestone can, if you wish, extend to include service organizations which you feel to support. May it be well with you and those organizations whose service to which you wish to contribute. PS.  Here's an example of a Walkathon Announcement: I want to make my Camino more than a personal adventure.  So I created the Camino-de- Crestone Walkathon to raise funds to benefit three charities which are important to me. Please follow the link to my newly created website:  I am rolling out this website this week. Check out all three of my webpages to understand my purpose: Home-Make a Pledge, About The Camino de Crestone, My 3 Charities.  Folks can go to my website to pledge to donate for each mile I walk on the Camino, or donate a total amount of money to one or all of my charities in support of this Walkathon.  At this point I am seeking charitable pledges totaling $500 per mile or $18,000 by (date).    Please share the website with whomever you think might be interested, and help me reach my goal.  Let me know if you have other suggestions to get the word out.  I value your feedback...and your blessing.
WALKING ALONE I met a pilgrim who walked far enough to know he never walked alone. Then it didn't matter if he stopped or continued on.
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Camino de Crestone
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